Donald Trump Enters the Kingdom of Heaven

This is how I’m going to do it, folks,

I’ll build a giant needle,

the biggest, shiniest, pointiest needle

that you have ever seen.

This needle will be so pointy, folks.


Then I’ll  get a camel

from Egypt or somewhere like that.

Get the irony ,

me buying a camel.

See, I can do irony

I can be so ironic.

I’ll  mount that camel

using my gold escalator,

and ride it

right through the eye of the needle

into the kingdom of heaven

and when I get there, folks,

when I get there

I’m going to make some changes.

Those angels…….

Sitting around on clouds playing harps

for eternity? Give me a break!

Eternity is a long time, folks,

eternity is the longest time….

anyway, where was I..right

those angels are gone, history, outta there

who needs them?

Then I’ll sit down with God

the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

well maybe not the Holy Ghost,

what is he anyway…a dove? A ghost?

That’s it folks no more Holy Ghost.

Gone, history, outta there.

Who needs him?

Another thing, folks

who’s actually in charge?

Is it the Father or the Son?

Has to be the Father,

can’t let your children run things.

So I’ll sit down with God the Father, folks

and together

we’ll make Heaven great again!



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