Down and Out in Idabel (re-mix)

sunrise 3.25


This is another re-post, not a lot of time to write currently.  The poem originally appeared in issue 38 of The SHOp poetry magazine which was a fine magazine, unfortunately they closed up shop 2 years ago. I have made some minor changes here. I later used the dog and the armadillo in a song lyric.


Down and Out in Idabel

How Myron found himself in the parking lot

of the Holiday Inn in Idabel, Oklahoma

looking out at the road

on a Saturday morning in April

– after a breakfast of brittle bacon,

sausages slick with grease,

dry fluorescent scrambled eggs –

is not important.

The road pauses,

a skittish dog roams;

Myron’s eyes are drawn to a dead armadillo

upside down on the hard shoulder,

empty beer can in its claws –

Old Milwaukee. Prehistoric drunk. Someone’s joke.

A pick up truck passes

a pick up truck passes

a pick up truck passes

over the fence a cow chews grass

and makes a meal of it.

Dogwoods bloom.

The cow moos like a reluctant foghorn.

Myron’s mood turns;

he thinks about the cow,

Manifest Destiny,

the plight of the bison

our lust for red meat

while greenhouse gas

shimmies upwards

ice caps melt

glaciers retreat;

and looking down

the road to Shreveport

buoyed by the prospect

of seeing Idabel

in his rear-view mirror

he quietly resolves

to recover what he was

before sadness lodged

like a wet sack

in the back

of his head.




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