The Daily Jolt Names the Day (plus a haiku about law enforcement)

img_0168 (2)

…and the day is Friday!
…and your Daily Jolt is…….


…which is an actual word meaning : “a person who flouts the law, who literally scoffs at the law”

Scofflaw (the haiku)

call yourself a cop
well, who the hell arrested
your development?

If today’s jolt word inspires you to write a post, let me know by linking your post to this blog, or post a comment.

Daily Jolt Update:

So far, the most frequent contributor to The Daily Jolt has been the witty, the inimitable, the one and only Steve Simpson, in fact he has been the one and only contributor.
If you are not reading Steve’s blog you are missing a treat; Steve is one of the most original poets out there. He writes fantasies underpinned by the everyday! Check him out here !

4 thoughts on “The Daily Jolt Names the Day (plus a haiku about law enforcement)

  1. Steve Simpson

    Thank you for the generous words, Jim, and I’m very grateful to be named as the lead contributor. Who would have thought that a simple scofflaw like me, who spent his time misspelling graffiti and stealing garden gnomes, would rise to such heights? (No need to answer.) I should probably mention that if my cloning experiments succeed, there will be several of me. I am hoping we get along and one of us knows how to cook.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Keep me posted on the cloning, Steve! Meanwhile I’m working on a really complicated reply to your comment involving the word ‘misgnomer’.


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