Poem: Desire – what is it good for?

IMG_1031 (2)


Desire – what is it good for?

tender is the night
long is the day’s journey into night
it’s easier to name a street car
than it is to name one’s desire
never attempt a ménage in a glass menagerie
there is nothing less erotic than a red wheelbarrow
a thing of beauty is a joy for a fortnight.


…a response to Anmol Arora’s prompt – Poetics: Desire and Sexuality in Poetry,  over at dverse (check it out, it’s well worth a read).

photo taken in Sitges, Catalonia.


18 thoughts on “Poem: Desire – what is it good for?

    1. sdtp33 Post author

      ah yes…the white chickens…have you read Camille Paglia’s analysis of that poem in a book called “Break, Blow, Burn”, it’s worth checking out.



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