Christmas Cheer (quadrille)

sitting on the fence 2 (2)

Christmas Cheer

cell phone rings
you’re not listening
you left it in the Fox and Vixen
on top of the cistern
in the stall
beside the condom machine
it started with one beer,
some Christmas cheer,
now you can’t recollect
what it is that you regret.


response to dVerse prompt from whimsygizmo, to write a quadrille (44 word poem) incorporating the word “cheer”.

24 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer (quadrille)

  1. whimsygizmo

    Oh, my. Great piece! For some reason, I started it out to the tune of “Sleighbells ring, are ya listenin’?” from Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland…which of course made the direction it went all that much more dissonant.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Thank you…well spotted…I started off trying to do a parody of Winter Wonderland, then I got side tracked…love the prompt by the way, brought out the lighter side in people!


  2. kim881

    I like the way the strains of ‘Winter Wonderland’ drift in and out of this story of Christmas cheer, Jim, and then peter out in the final lines of forgetfulness. It makes me feel drunk and I don’t like alcohol much!

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