Todd and the Time Machine




Todd and the Time Machine

Todd’s time machine
has three settings:
time was
time is
time will be.

the time travel sickness
hits him
like a five alarm flu.

Returning through the time hail,
through the accelerating centuries
he hears his wife yell
from the ever present
from the basement stairs:
I’m turning off that bloody time machine
your dinner’s getting cold!


The subject of the day over at dVerse is “Time and What if”

38 thoughts on “Todd and the Time Machine

  1. Steve Simpson

    Haha, I love your basement time machine, Jim. At Christmas, the Buddha told me, forget the past — it can’t be changed; forget the future — it’s unknowable; and forget the present — I didn’t get you one. I apologise, and doubly if you already read that one. It seemed apropos.

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