21 thoughts on “Retired Mathematicians at a Party (tanka)

  1. Lona Gynt

    Cornered, it makes me think how can something be stale that can catch an infinity under its curve? Maybe we never solve that equation because we never in life move past the algebraic tendency of merely weighing sides, the give and take, until equality demands an uncovering, a reckoning, a transformation of a letter into a definable integer, unaware it also holds the insoluble infinitesimal within its brush border. And so we are the same, insoluble, and maybe that is actually a balm, that some mystery remains as we approach our endless declensions.
    I think of the line from Paul Simon, “resume old acquaintances, step out occasionally, and speculate who had been damaged the most…”
    I think our own Frank Hubeny May have the answer with his frequent emphasis on the strange logarithm of forgiveness, which seemingly can proceed irregardless of the limits or the pain, it seems to go on forever unsolved and asymptotic, but not cornered. I love your mathematicians Jim.

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    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Thanks Grace, have a great summer…and thank you and your colleagues over at dVerse for all the work you do…..much appreciated, JIM


      1. kim881

        Thanks Jim, it’s going better since I finished my seasonal exam marking and I’m back to writing every morning. I really missed it.


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