Initially, I intended to write a travel blog, but as I made my first tentative steps towards regular posting my true subject emerged and I decided to dedicate this blog to the writings and thoughts of my friend (I was going to say ”good friend”, but I am not sure that friendship is one of his talents), the poet Slim Volume.

My plan was to play Boswell to his Johnson, Maurice to his Barry, Carney to his Auerbach, Meg to his Jack, Jones to his Strummer, Watson to his Holmes.

Well, like all great creative partnerships, Slim and I are had our differences and parted ways, although Slim still makes guest appearances whether he likes it or not. But for better or for worse, it’s now mostly me…..Jim Feeney

My poems have appeared in Cyphers, The Shop, The Galway Review, Oddball Magazine, Rat’s Ass Review and others. I also write song lyrics for The Mitchell Feeney Project.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. sarahsouthwest

    Hi Jim – I’m putting together a poetry advent calendar, and I would love to have you there. I just need a vaguely seasonal poem – but you can take that broadly, so friendship, family, winter, I dunno – a bit of bio, and if you’re promoting anything I can put you in the stocking filler section. Please?



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