Bucket List (a ghazal)

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Bucket List (a ghazal)

mountain climbing in County Meath
put it on my bucket list

fly fishing in the Sahara
put it on my bucket list

snow shoeing in the Serengeti
put it on my bucket list

surfing in Saskatchewan
put it on my bucket list

stop hiding behind a shield of sarcasm
Really? Put that on my bucket list?

write a ghazal about everlasting love
aw fuck it, put it on my bucket list

stop peppering my poems with profanity
that’s a prohibition, it has no place on the list

It’s ghazal time again over at dverse, so here’s another attempt. By the way, in a classical ghazal (which this is not!), it is customary to insert one’s name in the final couplet.

Sorry about the language, I’ll do anything for a rhyme!

21 thoughts on “Bucket List (a ghazal)

  1. Grace

    I love your sense of humor and game!!!! Sure, check off that from your bucket list (looking forward to reading it, really). Thanks for participating in our poetry form challenge.


  2. Susanne

    “I heard someone somewhere,” she said, sounding like Trump, “call the bucket list the fuck it list.” You rolled that into this tasty ghazal which was very satisfying.


  3. petrujviljoen

    Indeed rebellious. Smiles. I like the impossibility of achieving the goals on the bucket list, thereby fucking the list yourself while you warn the reader (us) not to! Ironic? Sarcastic? the very theme denies the original intent of the ghazal, that of divine or mortal love – whether you meant to fuck with it or not I don’t know but it works for me.


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