Roger Waters at Desert Trip (a poem, photos and a shameless segue)

A Conversation Overheard at the Craft Beer Barn at Desert Trip (a triple slimverse)

I’m from New

Yawk, we were

raised to hate

Donald Trump.


My mother

used to say:

beware of

the man with


orange hair,

beware of

the man with

orange hair.






“The Sun is the same

in a relative way

but you’re older”

Maybe so, but Roger has lost none of his anger, he managed to have a go at Donald Trump and the Israeli government’s treatment of Palestine and entertain 75,000 people at the same time. Oh yes, and that pig in the title photo carried a none too subtle message.



This incensed the guy in front of us, who was obviously a Trump supporter, he started to swear at the pig, and give it the finger, but the pig sailed on full of truth and helium.

(All photos by Marie Feeney)

Shameless Segue

“He’s got a concealed weapon’s licence

a shot gun and a rack, 

and he has no idea 

how he’ll pay the hospital bill

he says guns never hurt nobody

only people kill”

from “Saturday Morning in Idabel” by The Mitchell Feeney Project.  Click here to check out our album, also available on iTunes (search for “The Mitchell Feeney Project”).



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