The Best of Slimverse, 2016

When 2016 began, slimverse was an obscure 12 syllable (3-3-3-3) verse form, standing in the shadow of its older sibling, the seventeen syllable (5-7-5) haiku and now that 2016 is being carried, battered and bruised, out of the building, slimverse is an obscure 12 syllable (3-3-3-3) verse form, standing in the shadow of its older sibling, the seventeen syllable (5-7-5) haiku. This is a collection of the best of 2016, compiled by Slim and I in the early hours of the morning following “the Poet’s Circle” Christmas Party which was held at the Accomplished Poet’s house.  It was a fun-filled night of poetic over-indulgence and excess. The Accomplished Poet read a poem about pruning as a metaphor for the editing process involved in writing  a poem, it was tortuous but accomplished. The Upper Case Poet had a minor shoving match with our newest and youngest member, who edits an edgy E-zine called “Capslock Off” – no prizes for guessing what the argument was about. Slim hung around the buffet all night like a dog that had come across a bag of pork chops while walking in the woods, then later insisted that he had an invented a new word : “tumultaneous” – when tumultuous events occur simultaneously. He was met with benign indifference.

Here’s the List:


Like an old


Brother, an

unkempt monk.



 the one sport

that demands

blandness from

its heroes.


The Stack (remix)

And what a


plume we have

here, Nigel,


a plume with

time on its

hands, look at

it loping


across the

sky like a

giant Chinese

dragon, let’s


hail a cab

to find the

plume’s end, where

the last wisps


of vapor

drift upwards

and a blue

mist hangs, yes,


there it is

in the sky

to the west

stalking the


cars in the

parking lot

outside the

big box mall


while the sun

bawls and the

sky gets all



Holy Scripture

when asked to

pick a font

he replied:



And No Tom

 Danger Mouse

Modest Mouse

DeadMau5. It’s

all Jerry…….


Vancouver Jazz Festival (Re-Mix)

 a humid

lion house

hogo hangs

on the air


dogs and trees

dogs and trees

free jazz, jazz

for free, the


bass player

leans like a

drunk around

a lamp post.



those that can

stand alone

those that can’t



Old Cowboy

bowed legs

straddling a

ghost horse, beef

jerky thin



Inn, buffet

breakfast, far

from the range.


When the Twittering Stops

it’s all fun

and games ’til

the body

bags come home.



On Hearing that Justin Trudeau had approved the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

there are 3


death, taxes,



Photo: Cranberriment



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