Gorge (Boxers and Canyons)





too much of a good thing
gorge, and your gorge may rise

not a canyon – a narrow valley,
nearly an anagram of George.
Gorgeous George inspired Muhammad Ali

who went on to beat George Chuvalo,
George Foreman

a blow to the face may cause swelling

not such a good thing.


I thought I would revive this post as part of the dVerse challenge today which is to find beauty in ugliness. This poem, I think, reverses that process by moving from beauty to ugliness. Thanks to Mish at dVerse for the challenge.

15 thoughts on “Gorge (Boxers and Canyons)

      1. kanzensakura

        And the beauty of a prompt is following it. I cannot comment on your poem because you did not follow the prompt. But whatever. Having followed this site for several years and being a promoter in the past, I would have had you delete your little poem and try again.


  1. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)

    I wonder if there might be those who saw the fissure and the gorge as something ugly… the concept of a mountain or a gorge is being beautiful is quite new, so maybe you did follow the prompt… it’s in the eye of the beholder after all…

    Love the wordplay and the use of sounds.


  2. Mish

    I do see the movement of beauty to ugliness as you describe above. Maybe you didn’t reveal the beauty within one particular ugly thing as the prompt suggested but I like the variations of “gorge” and how you wove them together.



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