Caye Caulker Chronicles (poem)



Caye Caulker Chronicles


skinny backpackers
tumble off the water taxi
clutching Lonely Planet guidebooks,
in the café below
Bob Marley’s still jammin’
the locals talk of Paradise spoilt
of Eve, Adam and apples bitten.


Out on the coral reef
tiny organisms
fret about climate change
and carbonic acid
(I fink the pH is dropping, I really do);
while over in San Pedro
on the Redneck Riviera
soccer moms mingle
with sun-damaged matrons
dedicated to the preservation
of floral print muumuus.


…participating in open link night over at dVerse (thanks Mish), check them out.

25 thoughts on “Caye Caulker Chronicles (poem)

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    All one can do is to be a proud poet, and remain the eyes, ears, heart and conscience of the huddled techo-addicted masses; thank the literary gods and all the dead poets who have inspired us.

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  2. Lona Gynt

    Sounds like the perfect world! (Or at least the best of all possible), blurble blurble…
    Once again I love your use of detailed setting , and the teeny coral voice… hwelp!


  3. Gina

    I am still looking where I fit in, there was a time I did quite love coloured mumus. so love the voice you gave those tiny organisms and corals discussing their fate. after the 2006 tsunami in Acheh the underwater life seems to thrive now

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