The Path Forward



The Path Forward

no dumbass in a MAGA hat
is going to solve this one
all the bluster you can muster
will do nothing at all,
remember that guy
who got first in the class
the one wearing glasses
who never got the girl
he’s the one who will save our asses
so get out of the way
you won’t be missed
this one will be solved by scientists.


The challenge over at earthweal is to write a poem about The Crossroad we are at. Well, this is possibly not the subtlest poem ever written but hey…..these are not subtle times.

10 thoughts on “The Path Forward

  1. msjadeli

    Yes he needs to step aside and let the man do his job. But his ego is like the enlarged liver of an alcoholic. He’d rather die than give up the glory of his lifestyle.


  2. Sherry Marr

    This is absolutely the truth. Those brainy kids from high school are the ones who will lead the way. The lack of informed brain power we are witnessing these days is mind boggling.

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  3. Truedessa

    We do need to listen to the experts. Today, too many are declaring themselves experts with little science to back them up. It is my hope a brainy scientist will lead us out of this dark hole.

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  4. earthweal

    Back in the day, Prince thought life should read like a Penthouse letter — you know, dear editors, you never would believe what happened to me the other day. MAGA is just a masturbation fantasy. Growing up’s so hard to do when you can’t let that shit go. – B

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  5. Steve Simpson

    I do remember, I think I should be saying yes, yes, yes, Jim, and I love the thought and the way you expressed it. Yes to science which is not misguided.

    So, I was one of the stereotypes studying in a class full of them, but things have changed. For one, the brilliant mind working in the back room (from the movies) has been supplanted by the glib communicator who can spin a story and get funding. For another, the other people you mentioned are often the ones who supply the funding.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      The devil is always in the details! I have hung out with scientists and it is a very competitive world, particularly when it comes to funding. Still rather a scientist than a real estate mogul when it comes to a pandemic!

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