Dead Seal



Dead Seal

slumped on the tide line,
mottled pink, exposed,
something has been picking at it;
six city workers
in high vis vests
with a garbage bin, a shovel
and a shroud of clear plastic
discuss the path forward.


The challenge from Brian over at dverse is to write a poem …… “capturing a moment in your verse”

22 thoughts on “Dead Seal

  1. waystationone

    This makes me sad. Any loss of life is tragic, and I agree it makes me wonder at what happened. So many lose their life due to our pollution and such. Of course it could have been natural, but I hope for a better end than a plastic bag and city workers in vests.

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  2. Miriam E.

    Oh wow, a strong piece. A very sad subject, but the way you shone a light on it is unique. Thank you for sharing your experience and very interesting viewpoint – this is quite something.


  3. msjadeli

    Six city workers, a bin, a shovel, and a sheet of plastic seems woefully inadequate. Hoping it’s an isolated incident but something tells me it’s a portend.



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