Oprah Among The Chickens

Oprah among the Chickens

As I watched Oprah, Harry and Meghen
standing among the chickens
standing at the epicenter of an event
that sent shock waves
throughout the free world
I asked myself this question:

Is a rescue chicken
a chicken that has been rescued by people
or is it a chicken that rescues people?

I then asked myself another question:

How many Royals does it take to change a light bulb?

and a voice answered:

It’s a journey.
They must first acknowledge
that the light bulb
was the source of the light
that previously flooded the room
then and only then
is change possible.

9 thoughts on “Oprah Among The Chickens

  1. sarahsouthwest

    The royal family basically exist as a PR machine for the royal family. And to deflect attention from bad news at home. Even in the manner of their leaving Harry and Meghan are performing this role admirably.

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  3. Sherry Marr

    I am so glad I didnt miss this poem. Somehow I reached it late. First – the title is fantastic. I especially love that the royals must first recognize that the lightbulb was the source of light. The second time around. Sigh. Well done.

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