Dunbar the Bucolic

Dunbar the Bucolic

up on Dunbar Street
the barber shops are empty
a guy smokes a joint

and laughs hysterically
at the blank screen of his phone

when asked if the melon is ripe
the girl behind the counter
at the Chinese-Canadian Deli
sniffs the pale green globe,
shakes her head
and pointing to a small beige circle,

this is the melon’s bottom
the melon is ripe,
when the bottom smells sweet.

outside the traffic stalls
on Dunbar Street

Sherry over at earthweal asks us: “Tell us about the places you hold most dear in the corner of the planet where you live. Share them with us; let us see them through your eyes and your words”.

I live just off Dunbar Street and to be honest, the street is more than a tad prosaic, even if the real estate pamphlets call it “bucolic”. But if I don’t put Dunbar in a poem, who’s going to? So these are two slices of Dunbar life. By the way, for some reason, there are more barber shops on Dunbar than the population could possibly need.

9 thoughts on “Dunbar the Bucolic

  1. Sherry Marr

    Jim, I cant tell you how much I loved this! When I was five and six, I lived in the Dunbar area and went to grade one there. I remember it well. My cousins grew up lower down off Dunbar, with a view of the water………..those were the good old days! Before you had to be a multimillionaire to own a house in Vancouver. I totally enjoyed this poem – and the memories.


  2. memadtwo

    Our streets have many more establishments for hair than they need as well. But here they are social clubs mostly. They will do your hair too, but that’s not the primary function. (K)



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