Sound Heard While Replacing The Basement Toilet (plumbing tanka)

Sunrise over Planet Cistern

Sound Heard While Replacing The Basement Toilet

a ghostly whoosh
echoes down the open pipe
a toilet flushing

in a neighbor’s house uphill
yes, we are all connected.

I hardly ever do this but here’s a challenge to all you poets out there: write a poem about plumbing. There are no rules, write about anything – an ode to your favourite plunger, a sonnet about a dripping tap, a haiku about flexible hoses!

Link back to this post if you like, so I can read your poems.

6 thoughts on “Sound Heard While Replacing The Basement Toilet (plumbing tanka)

  1. Tim

    Hi Slim
    Thought it appropriate to do a limerick, so I have two quick compositions for you
    A plumber in Dublin, not very bright
    Didn’t know his left from his right
    When he connected the output
    By mistake to the input
    He gave himself a terrible fright

    A plumber once had a mishap
    When putting a washer on a tap
    The accident was his worst
    When the connection burst
    And water spewed out through the gap


  2. anotherkatewilson

    So I mentioned the plumping poem challenge to my husband and he just rattled this off, about his favourite plumbing tool he calls the de-clogginator2000, a strange long bendy metal thing with a spring thingy at one end:

    There’s too much paper in it,
    you’ve clogged it up again!
    So now I have to go and get
    my trusty plumber’s friend.
    I poke it in and shove it round,
    and poke it in some more.
    It’s not a job that I enjoy,
    it’s a job that I abhor.
    But with the de-clogginator
    with that weird corkscrew bit
    and a handily long handle,
    we’re no longer in the shit.



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