Beginnings (Paradise and Everything After)


I have always thought
that Eve ate the apple
because she was bored
out of her tree
which is not to imply
that Eve lived in a tree
it’s just an expression
nor do I mean to imply
that boredom is a feminine condition
no far from it
far from it
but let’s face it
Adam seems more than a little boring
as does, let’s be honest, Paradise
as a kid that was what I thought
nothing much happening
trees and fruit
trees and fruit
a serpent
a bored Eve
and hapless Adam
and as we all know
boredom is the mother of destruction
just hand an empty glass bottle
to three ten year old boys
on a stony beach
on a wet day.

Brendan over at earthweal asks us to write about beginnings.

8 thoughts on “Beginnings (Paradise and Everything After)

  1. hedgewitch

    Just made a comment about Eve and the apple elsewhere, actually, so this is quite serendipitous. I like the roundabout way you get to your moment, and the totally child-like directness of your reasoning. I have always found the Bible dull in all its tales, but this one especially, where wanting to know what’s going on is a deadly sin which only a woman could use to screw up a lazy man’s paradise. Great conversational tone, as well. Thanks for the smile with my morning coffee.


  2. susanstoo

    Ouch! And yet,some say that the tree was a dare and God wanted SOMEONE to want knowledge, curiosity being the mother of so very much–much destruction, but maybe now, some solutions? We’ll have to guard against boredom in th next Eden.

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