Poem in Rattle Magazine Issue 79

A big thank you to Timothy Green for including my poem “Irish History” as part of their Tribute to Irish Poets in issue 79 of Rattle Magazine.

Read about the issue here: https://www.rattle.com/product/i79/

I encourage you all to pick up a copy, there’s some excellent poetry in there from a variety of poets, not just Irish poets.

Jim Feeney

12 thoughts on “Poem in Rattle Magazine Issue 79

  1. Susanne

    Hi Jim, Saw your poem today which arrived in my email in-box via my very smart from Rattle. You accomplished a hell of a lot in a short piece with the added bonus of a giant nod by landing in Rattle. As someone else said, seriously envious! But also proud to say I knew your work before then. Way to go!



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