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Golf, Of Mice and Musicians, Another Bull Simile

Well, April-Month of Slim is slowly drawing to a close and this blog is starting to feel like a seaside resort at the end of the season…

a rain-swept pier

all the tourists gone

a few locals

bending into the wind

et moi, I am feeling a vague ennui, a certain je ne sais quoi and I have this urge to use every hackneyed French phrase I know in a pathetic attempt to sound world-weary, like I’m sitting in an outdoor café, a scarf knotted at my neck, smoking a Gitane and nursing an existential crisis.

Right so, more 12 syllable madness, here we go, something new, something old, something revised:


 the one sport

that demands

blandness from

its heroes.


And No Tom

 Danger Mouse

Modest Mouse

DeadMau5. It’s

all Jerry…….


Party Animal

 he walks in

the room like

a bull to

a paddock


the air shifts


eyes lower

bells jangle.