Poet’s Corner 6 – In Praise of Bono

Slim has been listening to the new U2 album over the Christmas. He has this to say:

In Praise of Bono

Bono forces a download

on the unsuspecting public

 And the internet hounds

Begin to bay

Begin to e-bay

It’s a publicity stunt

Bono’s a c**t

Uproar about the download

Furor about the force

As if their phones were temples

Meant for higher discourse

The inanity

The humanity

And the critics weigh in

U2 are old school


Have lost their edge

(Tho’ they still have the Edge)

While they rave about Tom Petty

Or some jingle jangle substitute

And pretend to admire Arcade Fire

Well I bought the CD

(Yes, bought)

And as far as I can judge

It’s a lighthouse

In a sea of mediocrity

A  beacon

In a sea of soporific sludge.

Steady there, Slim.

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