Stilt Walker Redux / Willie Nelson Once Said/ Mnemonic




Willie Nelson Once Said..

Willie Nelson once said:
if you fail at something long enough
you become a legend
by that metric
I’ve got some failing to do.


What an explosion
that word is.


don’t tell Gord Downie
what the poets are doin’.



I wish I could recall
what that word means.

Very droll!
Not a dry seat in the house.

Laugh? I nearly cried.

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain.
Oh, Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me.
Aunt Mary Hangs Out The Washing.

One of the above
is not a mnemonic

And If The Eagle Flies At Midnight
we’ll still be on the ground
our feet stuck to the pavement
of that going nowhere town.

Now where?
Did that?
Come from?


2 thoughts on “Stilt Walker Redux / Willie Nelson Once Said/ Mnemonic

  1. Steve Simpson

    The best people spend all their time failing. I hope they do, anyway. Love the chain of thoughts but of course like a nerd I got stuck on the mnemonics. 🤓 Didn’t know the first one but I recognized it because of Roy G Biv (thanks Roy), and the second was frustrating because I knew it but I couldn’t remember what it was for, had to look it up. Aunt Mary and the Eagle might be secret spy code, in which case, Joe sent me. 😄



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