If a Relationship is a Bus (Poem)

Folf Fest (2)

…the task of the day over at dVerse  is to create unique metaphors and incorporate them into a poem…I think this post from a little while back fits…thanks to Bjorn for the prompt

If a Relationship is a Bus

if a relationship is a bus
why then sometimes
does the bus leave the paved road,
the beaten track,
the path most trodden,
and bump off across
a corrugated desert
complete with tumble weeds
and plural cacti
(the wind is howling
at least, it sounds like the wind)
and that bus keeps bumping along
until it coughs, sputters to a stop,
and the occupants reluctantly step out
onto the desert floor
which is really an ancient ocean bed
strewn with the fossils
of forgotten fish
like the back lot
of some prehistoric sushi bar
they step out
breathe the bone dry air
and ask themselves how,
how the hell
did we end up
in this fucking bus metaphor?



33 thoughts on “If a Relationship is a Bus (Poem)

  1. Glenn Buttkus

    The poet is the culprit, like the novelist or screen writer who decides what character to kill off.
    The last lines create another layer to the poem, and it tweaks the predispositions of the readers; very cool.

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  2. Gina

    the passengers need to be thrown under the bus, if we miss them then they are an integral part of the journey, i love this metaphor for a relationship, it is simple to relate too yet profoundly clever!


  3. Lona Gynt

    “Plural cacti”. He he he he…
    That made me chuckle,

    “like the back lot
    of some prehistoric sushi bar”

    That made me hungry, but only because I really hate sushi.

    Fun fourth wall bashing too! 😉

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  4. Christine Irving

    So clever! Love the way you managed to keep up the metaphor believably through the entire poem. You certainly managed to be specific in your detail and unique in concept and incorporate it all into a situation and feeling we can all appreciate and smile (though wrly) with. Bravo

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