Don’t Play in the Traffic

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Don’t Play in the Traffic

they met on a zebra crossing
it was a pedestrian affair
she had an air of competence
he…just had an air
they went downhill from there
to her house
in the middle of a roundabout
near the station
one morning they looked out
and the cars had changed rotation
the clouds were tinged
with a tawdry shade of orange
the sky was diffident
the sun judgmental
things would not be the same
would not be the same again.


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6 thoughts on “Don’t Play in the Traffic

    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Thanks Suzanne, that’s very kind of you, glad you are enjoying the blog and yes, you are right I have no end of fun writing this stuff! JIM


  1. Steve Simpson

    It’s always the sky’s fault, or the cars’ fault or the stars’ fault. Shakespeare got that wrong. It’s so good that we don’t have to blame ourselves. An enjoyable piece, Jim.



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