Dog in a Tartan Skirt (Edit)


Dog in a Tartan Skirt 

There’s a dog wearing a tartan skirt
outside the window of Starbuck’s;
a tartan skirt, a belt, and a knitted white sweater.
Its little dog legs are moving frantically
on the wet pavement,
while across the slick road
and the sodden green park
the ocean sits
like a slab of lead
having clearly decided
to take some time off,
no crashing on the shore today.
South of the border
America blunders around
trying to remember
where it parked
that big ass car
that everyone admired
and envied.
The people look to God
but God, once again,
is moving in mysterious ways;
I, for one, wish He would knock it off,
enough already with the mystery
could He not for once in His eternal life,
clarify something?
I mean, for fuck sake,
there’s a dog wearing a tartan skirt
outside the window of Starbuck’s.

4 thoughts on “Dog in a Tartan Skirt (Edit)

  1. Steve Simpson

    Love the progression from the vivid local image to the global and beyond, Jim. Apparently we may see the universe in a tiny colored strand of that doggie’s outfit, but, you know, I don’t see how it helps. 😜



    Gail, thank you for sharing this poem! It helps . . .
    In a similar spirit, I will email you an image of my English nephew Jo Tanner’s British bulldog Mabel, AKA Wiggy, whom he calls “the new love of my life”. You will see why. Love, MVT



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