The Daily Jolt Lives Another Day (but will England?)



…..and the Daily Jolt word is “tumultaneous”, meaning “when two tumultuous events occur simultaneously”…

So, for example, if the Conservative government in England was to implode tomorrow over Brexit and at the same time, the English soccer team was to lose to Croatia in the World Cup, those two events would be considered to be “tumultaneous”.

Note: To date, The Daily Jolt (my cynical attempt to boost traffic on my blog) has not been a success that roars,  but still I am enjoying it because I appear to be inspiring myself, self-jolting, so to speak…..

If you are inspired by or use the jolt word, let me know through a comment or link.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Jolt Lives Another Day (but will England?)

  1. Steve Simpson

    Well I am a fan, Jim, although to get inspired about anything it would take a lot of tumultaneaity. I might look up from my tea in the evening if every star in the universe went supernova. Thinking about it … and the speed of light, the supernovae would have to happen at staggered times in the past so that it appeared tumultaneous from the earth. Booooring.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Not boring at all Steve, I’m still wrestling with “staggered supernovae”. Noel Gallagher once sang
      ” Someday you will find me
      Caught beneath the landslide
      In a champagne supernova in the sky”
      I am spending less time on what that means…..good song, crap lyrics, but that’s Oasis.

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