The Food on Air Canada Rouge

The Food on Air Canada Rouge

What’s worse than a summer deluge?
What’s worse than Christmas with Ebeneezer Scrooge?
What’s worse than a ride on a runaway luge?
the food on Air Canada Rouge.

What’s worse than a sequel to “In Bruges”?
What’s worse than a night in a crowded refuge?
(the air, loud with snores, toxic with flatulence)
What’s worse than another night in the same refuge?
the food on Air Canada Rouge.

Air Canada Rouge is a no frills version of a no frills airline. I just travelled with them from Barcelona to Toronto and it was a long nine hours – the on board entertainment system (download an app, sign on to on board Wi-Fi) didn’t work, legroom was minimal, service was begrudging, and as for the food, see above.

6 thoughts on “The Food on Air Canada Rouge

  1. Steve Simpson

    Very much enjoyed, Jim. I am gathering you were not impressed.

    I am easily pleased on most flights these days, and food is certainly not a concern. In the past, my Aeroflot flight from Moscow at 11pm failed to leave the runway because all the electrics failed in the aircraft. Sitting in darkness with no air circulating in the cabin gave me pause for thought. In Latin America, when I flew there frequently, alcohol flowed freely and was definitely necessary. I once overheard the pilots discussing what to do about a fuel gauge that wasn’t working, and a flight to Buenos Aires that I cancelled because I didn’t trust the airline (hahaha) landed in a field quite close to the airport (so it would have been okay).



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