Talking Senses (a Rubaiyat)


Talking Senses (a Rubaiyat)

Wet whiff of sour milk
the rustle of silk
the kerang of a guitar
– the Who, or their ilk

the whirl of a dervish
the bloat of a blow-fish
the wince of a lemon
that chocolate fetish

I doubt my ability
to convey tactility
but, hey, here’s an eggshell
go on, feel the fragility.

Jilly’s challenge over at dVerse is to write a rubaiyat, using imagery that evokes all 6 senses – 1.) Visual, 2.) Tactile/Touch, 3.) Olfactory/Smell, 4.) Taste, 5.) Auditory, and 6.) Kinesthetic.

I gave it a go….I didn’t pay too much attention to syllables per line, I just went with what sounded right, but I did stick to the rhyme scheme!

15 thoughts on “Talking Senses (a Rubaiyat)

  1. jillys2016

    Okay – this gets points for making me laugh! You dive deep in the realm of imagery, Jim. You drew me in with that hot pink leaf and then engaged the senses and ended with a defensive little challenge; charming! Glad you gave it a dervish 😉

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  2. robtkistner

    Woah, shit Jim, I am having a “Seven Cities” beat club “prime flashback” reading your poetry tonight. Man, there is a small piano jazz trio, with a horn man sittin’ blowin’ – and there’s my friend Jim Feeney up there layin’ his verse on me, and draggin his panda aroud, and I am high on the whole sceen! I mean, it is so cool, it’s HOT, I love what Imam reading tonight., rage on jimmy!



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