That Poetic Hum (poem)



That Poetic Hum

that poetic hum
that poetic drone
your ear always on the alert
for that cadence in the every day
that unconscious internal rhyme
there’s a barber shop on Dunbar Street
or that line that requires a non sequitur
she was a woman before her time
and you say
in a town lost to time
to everyone’s irritation
then when you find that seed
that germ of a poem
you are lost to all around
family, colleagues, friends
your head in the clouds
and when you poke your head through
the accumulated cumulus
you come face to face
with another poet who says
that last line’s a bugger, eh?
and you say
it most certainly is
it most certainly is.


Over at dVerse, Gina’s challenge is to write a poem around the notion that the poetic mind never turns off, that it’s always there in the background as we engage with the every day. Check out her excellent post here.

33 thoughts on “That Poetic Hum (poem)

  1. Gina

    You make me sit up and listen more now after reading this song dance of your poetic inspiration. So much I like about this from the opening lines to the italicised song lyrics (they seemed that way to me!). This is exactly how I imagine a drone should be like and your described it eloquently with your special brand of humour I so enjoy. We all need another poet to bring us back to reality…lol! Well done and I can’t stop coming back to read this over again. Thank you participating in the prompt.

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  2. kim881

    That’s just how it is! Those poetic seeds floating on the air and taking root in the imagination. I seem to pick them up everywhere, like dandelion fluff – what I believed were fairies when I was a child. Perhaps they are. I love the poet in the clouds in the final lines, Jim! The last line is often a bugger!

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