A Simple Desultory Quadrille….

IMG_0401 (2)

A Simple Desultory Quadrille….

in which Chuck considers
leaving Savannah
quitting the music scene
and getting a day job

‘cos he knows that in this deck of cards
we all can’t be the ace
and if it’s time to take a fall
it’s best to fall with grace.


For more about Chuck, see here. 

The challenge over at dVerse is to write a quadrille (44 word poem), incorporating the word “ace”.  dVerse,



23 thoughts on “A Simple Desultory Quadrille….

  1. Beverly Crawford

    Ah, the lonely musician who plays a guitar …. a real chick magnet! Perhaps one will be named Grace …..


  2. Victoria Stuart

    I love the story in 44 words. In my mind, Savannah is his singer, and he’s considering leaving her (she’s so demanding, doesn’t respect his artistic glory!) (I should go read up on Chuck, since I’ve become so invested in his plight!) Nicely written!



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