Two Poems Published in The Galway Review (Naming Things and….)

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The nice people over at The Galway Review have published two of my poems: Naming Things and Having a Coffee and Reading Tom Wolfe on Chomsky in Harper’s.

Check them out here.



4 thoughts on “Two Poems Published in The Galway Review (Naming Things and….)

  1. Steve Simpson

    Congrats, and highly entertaining pieces, Jim, as well as informative. I’m almost sure that the Neanderthals had a universal grammar. Possibly rather limited.

    I’ve always thought that, when you get right into the details of grammar and hence logic and meaning, it is indistinguishable from mathematics. Of course, me thinking something usually means it’s not true. 😜


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      just catching up here Steve, thanks for checking out the poems….speaking of grammar and math, recursion is apparently a concept in both….I had to look it up, in grammar it means basically a sentence that contains sentences….”I bought a ticket and I’m going to the show”….apparently the language of the Piraha tribe does not have this grammatical feature, neither do they have tickets and shows.

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