Leonard Cohen’s Final Album (plus Poem)


IMG_0401 (4)

Fascinating Interview (in The Guardian) with Adam Cohen on completing his father’s final album.


A poem from the past:

Driving Home with Leonard Cohen

Despite what he says
not everybody knows,
not everybody knows
like Leonard knows.
Not everybody knows
that the best songs
are about loss,
about endings;
about so long
ways to say goodbye
closing time,
and that age
can be laughed about
but not at,
if I had a hat
I would raise it to Mr.Cohen
perched up there alone
in his tower of song.

4 thoughts on “Leonard Cohen’s Final Album (plus Poem)

  1. Ellen Hawley

    I saw Cohen perform a few years back, and one thing that struck me was how generous he was to the other musicians. When someone else did a solo, he’d often kneel in front of them, hat held by his heart, drawing as much attention to them as he could. So yes, let’s both raise our nonexistent hats.


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Hi Ellen..I think I saw him on the same tour, yes he was a charming, humorous and charismatic performer and those words of his stand on their own! JIM



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