Water (off a duck’s back)



Water (off a duck’s back)

What’s that?…….no, no, it’s all rubbish,
climate change is a Deep State hoax.
By the way, forgot to mention
I have some ocean front for sale in Florida,
are you interested?
I hear you’re a good swimmer.
Ha, that’s just a joke,
God controls the climate
the rivers, lakes and seas.
Look what he did for Moses.
Our local preacher has a direct line,
just send a donation
before he gets arrested.
Joking again! Those rumours
are just not true.
Besides, our supreme leader, Donald, says
we are going to have a great climate
the best climate ever.
Do you know any Dutch people?
They’re good at handling all this water stuff.
Another thing, does anyone else
really miss the dinosaurs?
I had this rubber brontosaurus
when I was kid, I kind of liked it,
a velociraptor too…where was I?
Yes, this oceanfront property in Florida
it comes with a row boat.

The word of the week over at earthweal is water. Got the idea for this poem while reading Sarahsouthwest’s poem “Water Again”.

Also participating in open link night over at dverse.

22 thoughts on “Water (off a duck’s back)

  1. Sherry Marr

    I loved this so much. Grinning. Did you hear the stream of unconsciousness of the Fearless Leader: “Wind. You know “wind”, right?” LOL. And the capper “I’m an environmentalist.” That the whole press corps doesnt fall down laughing beats me. I so enjoyed reading this very amusing poem. Canuck humour rocks! Our poetry evening crowd would love hearing you read this one at open mic!!!!!


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Thanks Sherry. Today Donald pledged to plant 10 trillion trees…so I guess it’s going to be fine 😊. Hope you are getting some sun over in Tofino, lots of rain over here! The next time I’m over there, I’ll have to check out your poetry evening…JIM


  2. earthweal

    Fine channeling here of the moronic inferno of climate change denial. Such a blithe and bland species, we are, so unaware, whistling as we traipse off the cliff. Like the drunk who is threatened with jail by a judge if they don’t clean up their act — the drunk wonders if jail would be so bad. Climate change is too big a phenomenon, it demands too much pervasive change, so we build condos in Miami Beach on pontoons and hope we die before it gets too bad. Well done Jim, and thanks for bringing it to earthweal. — Brendan


  3. hedgewitch

    Living as I do in a red state, I often wonder how people I used to regard as the salt of the earth have become these attack vultures of the deliberate denial, worshipers of a man who would sell them and their mothers,wives and children for an opportunity to brand his name on their skin and make a buck. You express here the all the irony and bitterness of an awry and slanted reality, of a society headed for a deliberately blind destruction. Sharp and biting.

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    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Yes, I have never understood how a billionaire’s son could become the champion of the working class, then in England, an old Etonian pulled the same trick.


  4. Yvonne Osborne

    This is such a fun romp. Supreme Leader indeed. Sometimes it’s joke or break down and cry. And those preachers…..? Yeah, pass the plate you hypocrites


  5. Therisa Godwaldt

    Alas, you haven’t met Ontario’s own, Doug Ford. Guess, we would call this poem, Water (Off A Hot Rusty Tin Roof). Unlike, Donald Trump, he only inherited millions, with a distorted view, all governments are wasteful. All aboard Ontario’s gravy train.


  6. susanstoo

    I vaguely remember replying to this poem on my first read through while still grinning at the details of the satire–but, alas, I didn’t publish the comment! I especially enjoy the land coming with a rowboat.

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  7. Mary

    I really like your humor, but alongside the humor you have made some very valid points. Some uninformed people today use the excuse of God controlling the climate to negate the idea of climate change. And, ha, not sure I will be buying an oceanfront property in Florida any time soon!



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