Solastalgia (tanka)

IMG_1215 (2)


Solastalgia (an alternative etymology)

solas in Gaelic
means light, solastalgia,
a longing for light

hidden under a bushel
at the end of a tunnel.

The challenge over at earthweal is to “Write a new poem on the theme of Solastalgia” which is “a form of emotional or existential distress caused by environmental change.”



4 thoughts on “Solastalgia (tanka)

  1. hedgewitch

    Perhaps that’s where light is most unexpected, hence most appreciated? Simple, clean and also, full of feeling. I have written tanka(and senryu); neither are easy forms–but here you make it seem so.


  2. earthweal

    I love this — it is the silver in the dark lining. You’d be pals with Paracelsus, who believed medicine should be a fire against a fire. We may weep ourselves to glory, may our darkness upchuck the light. Thanks so much for bringin’ it, Brendan



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