Issue #17 Vapid Magazine

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Issue #17 Vapid Magazine

In Issue #17, coming to a newsstand nowhere near you, we discuss..

The environment, it’s everywhere

Our environment correspondent, Jordan Shallowditch, is away on vacation so our celebrity watcher and gossip columnist, Simon Shallowpond is picking up the slack, he offers this twitter friendly poem:


Plastics? What Plastics?

no need to fret
no need to fuss
all is well
‘cos Kristen Bell’s
got a bamboo toothbrush.

Well done, Simon!

The Oscars

Our movie critic, Georgina Shallowglass, discusses the Oscars and asks the question:
Why would anyone divorce Adam Driver?

Plus, she describes that epiphanic, that life-altering moment when she realised that Jane Austen didn’t write Little Women (it was those American accents).


It’s been a busy year so far in politics and our political correspondent, Jonathan Shallowpit, asks the controversial question:
Did the founding fathers fuck it up?

..and if not, how come the semi-literate son of a billionaire, with bad hair and a genius for marketing dumb ideas could destroy the whole shebang , the whole house of cards by simply saying :” Nah, I’m not going to do that”.


Jonathan, I’m afraid, will be leaving Vapid Magazine. A number of his co-workers have complained that he is making them think too much, resulting in headaches and a toxic working environment.

Vapid Magazine, home of all things vapid!


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27 thoughts on “Issue #17 Vapid Magazine

  1. lillian

    Terrific tongue-in-cheek post — suggesting Mr. Footinthemouth could take over as editor of Vapid — but perhaps might change its title to Oopsidaisy and go with an all female board of directors?


  2. Lona Gynt

    The electoral college was meant to attenuate the impact of democracy, democracy run rampant was feared. So it was basically a move to allow power to be consolidated on regional bases, so as to protect slavery- which is pretty undeomcratic, so basically yes, I think maybe they did fork it all up, so…
    Wait I am sorry I just got fired becasue I am giving my boss a headache, Oh well?


    1. sdtp33 Post author

      Hi Lona, here at Vapid Magazine we appreciate your comment, however the comment appears to contain a number of facts…we are uncomfortable with facts, some of our staff have developed a skin condition…Nigel Shallowbucket, contributing editor.

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  3. Beverly Crawford

    Kudos for Vapid Magazine! Clever from beginning to end. As for the Oscars — when our ignoble leader trashed the Korean winner for best movie, the director simply said he could understand, since Mr. Trump doesn’t read! What a priceless comeback!!



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