Caye Caulker (poem, take 4)



Caye Caulker

In the café below
the locals talk about the old times
about Eve and the apple
about Paradise lost
about how all the bottles
washed up on the shore
carry the same message.

pelicans plummet into the bluebottle sea
sting rays undulate

out on the coral reef
tiny organisms
fret about climate change
and that damn carbonic acid

I fink the pH is dropping, I really do

meanwhile, over in San Pedro
on the Redneck Riviera
hermetically sealed resorts
march north towards Mexico
and thin, blond soccer moms
mingle with sun-damaged matrons
dedicated to the preservation
of floral print muumuus.

in the café below, Bob Marley’s still jammin’.


This poem has had a few lives. Participating in open link over at earthweal. Head over and check out Brendan’s thought provoking and eloquent post .


17 thoughts on “Caye Caulker (poem, take 4)

  1. earthweal

    The askant eye here takes it all in — the indolent Margaritavillans, the bottles sempaphoring vanishing bluenose, shellfish ghosting in ghost PH, the merciless crucifex of pleasure carried by revenant humans trying to squeeze the last of their pleasures from the world’s wounds. What a highfive the crabs will clack when the last message in the final Dos Equis is blank — Anyhoo, thanks for bringing it to earthweal, keep ’em coming … Brendan


  2. Susie Clevenger

    Oh I love this..especially the dedication to floral print muumuus. We sit and watch us drown in plastic and humor error as if tomorrow the sun won’t reduce us to ash.

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  3. hedgewitch

    I love the revolving points of view in this, from removed observer, to a kind of hemingwayish beachcomber, to coral reefer inhabitants and the yuppies. The italic lines separated from the body of the poem underline your message lightly but indelibly in some very lyric phrases. When all the messages in the bottles are identical, perhaps someone is really trying to tell us something–I enjoyed this poem very much–it’s excellent.



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