Between (Everyone’s got something to bring..)…..Edit



Between the caucus and the carcass
between the chaos and the calm
between the fracas and the ruckus
between the righteous and the damned

Between the priest and the sermon
between the singer and the song
no one can determine
why we all can’t get along

Between the question and the answer
there is a life time of space
between the dance and the dancer
there is beauty and there is grace

got something to bring
affect one thing
affect one thing

got something to bring
affect one thing
affect one thing.


It’s Open Link Weekend over at earthweal, so I thought I would re-post this one. Be sure to check out earthweal, always something interesting going on there!


4 thoughts on “Between (Everyone’s got something to bring..)…..Edit

  1. Sherry Marr

    I love your writing, Jim. Love the rhyming and contrasting here, and especially love the closing. If we all affect one thing, change can happen. Stay safe in the city, kiddo…….


  2. earthweal

    A bounty in these betweens–all of it–with a strange complication (“why can’t we get along”) and resolution (‘affect one thing.”). The lyric is impeccable, it hurls up such a wave. — Brendan


  3. hedgewitch

    Kerry has got the reference I was also going to mention–you’ve set up your sing-song contrasts perfectly and powerfully here, and I love the hard cracking of consonant in the first stanza which trips the reader right into the downward fall and then, the upward climb to grace. I also love the way you used rhyme to make it all seem as simple and natural as a child’s jumprope song. As always, a pleasure to read you.



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