Poetic Ailments


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Poetic Ailments

irritable vowel syndrome
verbose intolerance
pain in the assonance
acute enjambment
inflammation of the lower case
typographical dysfunction
fear of sonnets
the irrational fear
that someone in the room
is going to recite a Robert Service poem.

The prompt from Bjorn over at dverse is “lists”, I thought I would add this one.






12 thoughts on “Poetic Ailments

  1. msjadeli

    Funny! I’ve been afflicted with most/all of them at one time or another and sometimes all at once. Never heard of Robert Service before, and from your poem’s aversion, probably just as well.


  2. Glenn A. Buttkus

    “fear of sonnets” must be, might be sonnephobia. I really chuckled all the way through this list. Robert Service was a famous poet; wrote poems about Alaskan Gold Rush.

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  3. Beverly Crawford

    I spent 30 plus years as a medical transcriptionist, so some of your poem was familiar. Conversely, when I wrote to a friend of my bowling forays it always came out boweling!



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