Down by Jericho Beach


Social distancing (3)


Down by Jericho Beach 

the trees look guilty
the ocean is ill at ease
no one’s fault, but still…..

the courts are empty
no tennis ball pock pock pock
Canada geese honk

eagles isolate
my face itches like crazy
demands to be touched

and those ducks, they don’t know squat
about social distancing.


Photo “Social Distancing”


The weekly challenge over at earthweal is to write a poem around the subject: CONNECTING HUMANS, WILDLIFE AND THE CORONA VIRUS. So I thought I would throw in this one. Maybe it’s not the connection intended, but it’s still on subject, I think. Check out Sherry’s excellent post  at  earthweal 



7 thoughts on “Down by Jericho Beach

  1. Sherry Marr

    You have captured it exactly, outdoors does feel ill at ease, and i cant believe how often my hand starts heading to my face. Jericho Beach is so beautiful. If you live near there you are a lucky duck. It is always a pleasure to read you, Jim. Stay safe.


  2. earthweal

    Small comfort to us that our pandemical discomfits are limited to our own species. That human absence results in greater natural presence. But you do well underscoring — albeit gently — how we lionize that human mark. – Brendan



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