Loophole (Time, Space and “Interstellar”)…poem for dverse


Thought I’d give this a second outing!


Once on a bus
across the Altiplano
from Puno to Cusco
I watched the movie
Interstellar, starring
Matt McConaughey.
Matt’s a clever feller,
I just said that
to rhyme with Interstellar
no one
says feller anymore
anyway, it appears that
time is a line
our lives are
moving along
and we can only
move forward along
that line, never back,
but there is a loophole
or a wormhole,
to be exact,
way out there
in outer space
and if one travels
to outer space
and passes through
that wormhole
one can visit
the multiplex cinema
where one’s life
is playing
and view
any previous point
on the line one’s life
is travelling on
problem is
when one returns
to earth, it’s fifty
years later and
everyone one knows
is either dead or dying,
thus the line one’s life
is travelling on
is irreversibly altered
that’s the catch
which by the way
is different than
a loophole.


Taking part in Open Link over at dverse


10 thoughts on “Loophole (Time, Space and “Interstellar”)…poem for dverse

  1. kim881

    Thanks for giving this poem a second outing, Jim! I’ve never seen that movie but I’ve looked it up and put it on my pandemic watchlist. I like the cheekiness of the lines:
    ‘Matt’s a clever feller,
    I just said that
    to rhyme with Interstellar’.
    Your poem is an interesting exploration of lines of continuum and loopholes in space, which made me think of bows tied in shoelaces. I’m tempted to visit the multiplex cinema, just to remind myself of some of the places and people I’ve forgotten. Sod the catch !


  2. Beverly Crawford

    That seemed a stream of consciousness journey wandering from the cinema to outer space! Interesting write.



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