On Reflection…. Donald Trump (again)

Orange is the New Bleak 1 (3)


On Reflection…. Donald Trump

America has given birth
to a giant orange child
a zaftig infant Gulliver
striding the ravaged earth
of his own imagination
trampling whole villages
swallowing villagers whole.


This poem was published previously in Oddball Magazine. Taking Part in Open Link Weekend over at earthweal.


earthweal open link weekend #26


14 thoughts on “On Reflection…. Donald Trump (again)

  1. kim881

    Great descriptions, Jim: a giant orange child and a ‘zaftig infant Gulliver’. I agree with Kerfe, though, that he wasn’t born but regurgitated!


  2. hedgewitch

    Yep, concise, accurate, and ever more true as each day passes. The insane amongst us who chose this man to lead us seem happy to be swallowed, while the rest of us can only hope to be indigestible.

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