They’re taking photographs down by the water
in front of the cubist whale
float planes take off from the harbor
the mountains slumber in the morning haze.

Inside the convention center
paragraphs of opaque prose
attempt to describe the genius
of Vincent, Vincent van Gogh.

But if painting is the medium
there is no need for go-betweens
it’s all there on the canvas
the painting is what the painting seems.

Taking part in Open Link over at dverse

Photo taken at Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition, the convention centre Vancouver

24 thoughts on “Exhibition

  1. msjadeli

    I liked the movie they made using van gogh animation with live people. I wondered what the immersive experience would be like. It’s coming to Milwaukee soon, a 4-hour ferry ride across the lake…


  2. Ingrid

    ‘paragraphs of opaque prose
    attempt to describe the genius
    of Vincent, Vincent van Gogh.’

    I remember the opaque prose I was faced with upon being forced to study literary criticism at university. Same goes for literature: ‘no need for go betweens.’ Don’t read the book about the book. Read the book!

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  3. lillian

    LOVE this sneak peek of the exhibition. Two similar exhibitions are coming to Boston….evidently slightly different and competing companies at two different venues here. We bought tickets for both. Excited to see them.


  4. lovemorestudio

    Yes, I can’t help but think that making the art seem to be about more than it is, only lessens it. In so many regards, we need to let the artist’s work speak for itself. ~signed, a lifelong VvG fan.



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