Mr. Cahoots

Mr. Cahoots

In the dream
I’m walking in East Vancouver

the setting sun illuminates
the low shoebox buildings

the streets are empty
except for me
and the guy who’s following me

his name is Mr. Cahoots

he’s wearing a pink top hat
a pink frock coat
pink flared pants
and gold boots

mostly he follows
but every now and again
he scuttles past
and walking backwards
he gives me the jazz hands
and laughs in my face

his eyes are manic
his nose is aquiline
and I know what he is saying
although he isn’t saying anything

he’s saying
You! You are not in control!

he’s saying
You! You are not in control!

In response to Brendan’s prompt over at earthweal

Write a dream poem using its language and rhetoric and dark sense. What moony light does it cast on the day? If you care, add to the poem or a note with any associations from waking life that the dream seems to be commenting on. If the dream is your unconscious speaking to you, what is it trying to help your waking writing mind to see?

My sister died recently after a very short illness. She was the eldest, there are six of us. I had the dream described in the above poem around the time she died. A family , particularly a large family is, in some ways, a collection of vantage points and we lost our top vantage point, the one who had seen it all. Now five seems like a very small number.

14 thoughts on “Mr. Cahoots

  1. earthweal

    To be, as they say, “in cahoots,” is to be part of conspiratorial congress; what wingman this Mr. Cahoots here, a dapper devil. If “you” is the dream’s perspective, then Cahoots is the poet and brother and man. Sorry so for your sister. The numbers flatten out these days. -Brendan


  2. memadtwo

    The Fool knows, and lives it. But we have our own roads to walk, and sometimes they are hard. My condolences, a sibling is part of what tethers us to the world. (K)


  3. whippetwisdom

    A very poignant dream Jim, I’m so sorry for your loss. When a sibling passes the energetic web that connects you all may at first feel disjointed until it settles into a new pattern. Wishing you and your family strength in these difficult times.



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