Jericho Beach Park (mid-August)

Jericho Beach Park (mid-August)

Dried out cylinders
of Canada goose shit
dot the blond grass
like discarded cigarillos
sailboats scud across ruffled water
gulls engage in glaucous caucus
(Ok, that was a bit much)
and the sand, the sand is busy
stowing away in pockets,
shoes, swimming trunks, ear drums
boldly going
where no sand has gone before
and still the pandemic lingers
like that unwanted house guest
you thought had left
but no, no, no, there he is
drunk, snoring and flatulent
stretched out on your basement floor.

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11 thoughts on “Jericho Beach Park (mid-August)

  1. Sherry Marr

    I love the sand in unexpected places, the snoring house guest and to top it off, smoke from the wildfires, an orange rim around the sun, and an eerie apocalyptic feeling in the air…nice one, Jim.

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  2. RedCat

    You made me smile with the “glaucous caucus” and the sand “boldly going
    where no sand has gone before”. The house-guest that won’t go is a fitting metaphor. Lovely written.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ingrid

    It’s all still happening: I like the lighthearted take on a serious subject. I also liked the ‘glaucous caucus’ and I feel compelled to ask if it was raucous?


  4. Steve Simpson

    I love your “scenic” works, Jim, they excel, and although they might be seen as unkind, and possibly would not help local tourism, 😸 for me, there is a sense of warm goodwill behind the humor. Always a pleasure to read.



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