Last Tanka in Paradise (2021)

Last Tanka in Paradise (2021)

up on Dunbar Heights
a plether of snowflakes falls
new highs and new lows

heat domes and arctic outflows
the sound of Goretex wicking

Taking part in Open Link Weekend over at earthweal.

13 thoughts on “Last Tanka in Paradise (2021)

  1. Sherry Marr

    Hi Jim, your mention of Dunbar takes me back to when I was living there, age six………and all that has happened since. Wow, what a perspective. LOL. Happy New Year. Stay safe!


  2. Brendan

    Why does gnarly weather have to pick on paradisal spots like Vancouver? I’m sure the change feels harshest in such places, burning and flooding. Surreal as the sound of Goretex.



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