Father’s Day()

Father’s Day

A low metronomic plash
waves flat-lining on the shore
sailboats tacking
kayakers kayaking,
someone talking loudly
about the cost of child care,
two blankets down.
It’s Father’s day
and all the dads and kids are out
throwing ball, kicking ball
building elaborate castles in the sand
and they are not alone,
the ghosts of fathers passed are here too,
including my own;
pale-bodied, they roam the beach
wearing old-fashioned swim trunks,
grinning widely
at the continuum
of dads, kids, sun, sand and sea.

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20 thoughts on “Father’s Day()

  1. memadtwo

    My father and his good friend, unbeknownst to each other, purchased the same yellow striped swim trunks from JC Penny one year. You poem reminded me of a photo I have of then, twinned, arms around each other and grinning, standing in the sand.

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  2. Ken / rivrvlogr

    The northeast shore of Lake Erie in Ontario, just across the border from Buffalo, NY, has a mile-long stretch of sandy beach. In the 1950s and 1960s my family would spend the day there. You brought back that memory. Thank you.

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  3. hedgewitch

    In our society there is no continuum, it seems, only chaos, but one of deep connection can be found here with the love given and received through generations. Vivid as an old snapshot remastered.

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  4. Sherry Marr

    This is very touching, Jim, the thought of all those spirit-fathers in old fashioned bathing suits,smiling among the crowd – a continuum of fathers……..lovely.



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