The Doggerel Days Of Summer, Part 2

The Doggerel Days of Summer Part 2

Oft on a still summer evening
I take my doggerel
for a long, long walk

looking for rhymes
in all the wrong places.

I bring with me
a small, beige, plastic bag;
when I finish the poem I’m composing
I place the poem in the plastic bag
and deposit the bag
in a trash can deep in the forest

a trash can known to all the local poets
a trash can where moon always rhymes with June
a trash can where clouds
are as fluffy as mashed potatoes.

The challenge over at earthweal is to write about ‘wild stillness”. So this is a poem about an attempt to write a poem. Check out earthweal here for poems that actually meet the challenge!

14 thoughts on “The Doggerel Days Of Summer, Part 2

  1. Sherry Marr

    Do link this, Jim. I love it so much!!!!! I especially love you taking your doggerel for a walk. Lacking a dog (and I love them so much), I must try doing that.


  2. hedgewitch

    Made me smile, Jim. Every time I write a poem that rhymes I feel I need a beige bag, but what can you do. Finding the stillness to seek, let alone write, is an epic journey in itself.


  3. Ken / rivrvlogr

    Every poem has its place. Whether it’s out for the world to see, stashed in the back of drawer waiting to be revised, or in that beige, plastic bag at the bottom of a trash bin, it has seen the light at least once and had a chance to breathe.

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