Spare Me

it came as a gift
now it sits in the corner
like a sulky child
demanding attention


you learn that
on a trip to the Arctic
frost bit the tip
of Harry’s todger
making him a
not so jolly Roger
a less than artful dodger
when he’s an old codger
he will remember
the day he froze
his dingus, his dong
his John Thomas
his todger
but for now his royal cannon
is just, well,
tabloid fodder.

4 thoughts on “Spare Me

  1. msjadeli

    LMAO!!!!!!! love that first stanza, which describes him to a tee. On Colbert he had nothing kind to say about the press yet without them he’d be…. I had to laugh at how he pandered to Stephen’s crowd about how much he loves living in NY. If it wasn’t for his tabloididity he’d be homeless and sleeping on a bench in Central Park. Can’t have it both ways, Harry me boy.

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