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Driving Home with Leonard Cohen

Driving Home with Leonard Cohen

Despite what he says

not everybody knows,

not everybody knows

like Leonard knows.

Not everybody knows

that the best songs

are about loss,


so long,

ways to say goodbye

closing time,

and that age

can be laughed about

but not at,

if I had a hat

I would raise it to Mr.Cohen

perched up there alone

in his ancient tower.

This is a re-blog of a post from last year.

Closing Time (Expanded version with additional rhyme)

Closing Time

Chairs stacked

legs in the air

like dead flies,


the barman

has that blank look

in his eyes


I’m sitting

watching suds dry

in an empty glass


and thinking

it’s July,

twenty sixteen


and events

are ripping by

at such a pace


it seems that

five minutes

ago was


a simpler,

more innocent

time .